Exhilarated in God

We Were Designed to Be Exhilarated in God

Jesus is simply the most beautiful, powerful, wise and fascinating Being we can encounter. As you engage Him in the Prayer Room you may experience several things:
 • You may sense Jesus’ closeness and His great love for you.
 • You may grow in your love for Jesus and your desire to be more like Him.
 • You may discover new aspects of Jesus’ beauty, mystery, character and leadership.
 • You may increasingly value His ways, His thoughts, and His emotions.
 • You may develop an increasing appetite for the Word of God,
• You may grow in your ability to hear His voice.
 • You may be filled with zeal to take up your cross and follow Him.
 • You may receive wisdom to confront the harmful lies and difficulties in your life.
 • Your heart may feel at rest, and be filled with great peace.
 • You may experience physical healing.
 • You may walk with a new level of joy in Jesus’ purposes for your life.