All Nations
House of Prayer

Lakeside / Pinetop, Arizona

WELCOME to The All Nations Prayer Room!

The purpose of the All Nations Prayer Room is to be a place where people encounter the living, breathing presence of Jesus Christ. Through the sacred atmosphere of worship, prayer and meditation on the Word of God, guests are are free to pray, journal, sing, or sit quietly and soak in His goodness.
Stay for 5 minutes.
Stay for an hour - or more.

We exist to celebrate JESUS and His love for YOU.

“I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord.” (Psalm 122:1)

ANHOP's Weekly Prayer Schedule

I will make them joyful in My House of Prayer! (Isaiah 56:7)

Daily Worship & Prayer Monday - Friday from 7am to 12pm

To Establish a Resting Place for the Presence of Jesus Christ through Worship and Prayer and to Encourage the Body of Christ into First Commandment Love and Great Commission Power.

• Encounter God in Worship & Prayer
• Exhilarate the Human Spirit in the Presence of God
• Equip Believers in Worship & Prayer
• Evangelize the Lost in Our Region
• Empower Believers to fruitful Evangelism
• Encourage Local Churches
• Exalt Jesus Christ as Lord Over the Southwest

820 N Moonridge Dr, Lakeside, Arizona 85929

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About Us

What Is a House of Prayer?

Since 2000 Houses of Prayer have exploded across the globe!

Find out why...

What We Believe & Value

His Burning Love is at the Center of it all!

What that means for you...

Kathy & Jon Boegl

We are the recipients of God's resurrection grace!

Here's our story...

Engaging Jesus in the House of Prayer


"What's the value in spending so much time & energy in focusing, beholding and exalting this Man?"
Jesus is worthy of our exaltation!


Jesus is simply the most beautiful, powerful, wise and fascinating Being we can encounter. We were designed to be exhilarated in God. As you engage Him in the Prayer Room you may experience several things:

House of Prayer Resources


An archive of teachings from The All Nations House of Prayer Southwest


ANHOP streams the IHOPKC web-feed in our Prayer Room. This live prayer meeting has continued night and day since 1999. More than 120 nations participate in these global prayer meetings every day!
"Come Lord Jesus!"


Here's a treasure-trove of free video, audio teachings and notes from the founder and director of The International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Mike Bickle.

THANK YOU for Supporting ANHOPSW

ANHOPSW soley relies upon the  financial gifts of guests, friends and partners like you. You can learn more about helping to fund this house here at our PAYPAL site. Thank you. And God bless you. 

All Nations House of Prayer Prophetic History


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