Weekly Prayer Room Schedule


All Nations House of Prayer is open every weekday from 7:00am to 12:00 pm. We pray for 3 topics each day. Each prayer time is surrounded with music and worship. Guests are welcome to pray  in small groups for the designated topic or for personal prayer needs.

Each week we pray for
• Schools
• Churches
• Israel
• The Persecuted Church
• Businesses
• Families
• Native America
• Native American Churches
• The United States
• Missions & The Nations

Each of our prayers begin with scripture; typically from the apostolic prayers of the New Testament. These prayers keep our prayers grounded in His Word and focused on His positive love for the Church.
These scriptures are all listed in the document entitled, New Testament Prayer, Hymns & Anthems.

Guests are welcome to sit at the feet of Jesus in quiet, sacred space, before during and after specific prayer sessions. We value your sacred space with Jesus. There is no requirement to engage in public prayer.

As you enter the Prayer Room, you will see and hear worship and prayer on a large screen. This is a web-stream from a 24/7 prayer-meeting at The International House of Prayer Kansas City. This is the single longest prayer meeting in the history of America, and has continued non-stop, since September, 1999!